Un ancien joueur de Tottenham prend sa retraite à 37 ans
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Michel Vorm prend sa retraite à 37 ans

Un ancien joueur de Tottenham prend sa retraite à 37 ans

Le gardien de but néerlandais était sans club depuis le mois juin après avoir été écarté par Tottenham.

Doublure d'Hugo Lloris durant son passage à Tottenham, Michel Vorm vient d'annoncer qu'il mettait un terme à sa carrière. Le gardien de but néerlandais raccroche les gants à 37 ans alors qu'il était sans club depuis le mois de juin.

Vorm a lancé sa carrière au FC Utrecht avant de rejoindre Swansea City en 2011 et les Spurs en 2014.


Dear football and fans, I decided to retire from playing professional football. I couldn’t possibly imagine as a little kid growing up in Nieuwegein that it was possible to sign my first professional contract at @fc_utrecht , made my professional debut at @fcdenbosch (on loan) and coming back to FC Utrecht to win the play-offs and playing European football. And if that wasn’t enough, I got the opportunity to play in the Premier League for @swansofficial (and be part of their history by winning their first ever point in the Premier League). Playing with- and against the best players around me gave me the opportunity to keep developing myself and sign for @spursofficial and made me be able to be part of their history and especially the (incredible) road to the Champions League final. I am thankful to play for all these clubs and honoured that I was able to represent my country on international tournaments. Being part of such great history of my country is something I am truly grateful for as well. A gold medal at the U21 European Championship with @officialknvb , a silver medal during the World Cup 2010 and a bronze medal at the World Cup 2014… and played on that last World Cup ;) Along this journey I played (and trained) with the best of the best players and coaches in the world. Besides the talent of players and coaches, I also had the privilege to know the person behind them. To each of one of you: Thank you!! Thank you for the joy of playing, the (life) lessons, support, trust and achieving the goals together. To the fans: Thank you! Keep supporting, even though we live in a time that it becomes difficult to support the club and that it has to be done on a distance, but no matter the distance trust me that as a player you fans give us the energy to make the impossible, possible. To my family; 
Dad, mom, my brothers and sisters I want to thank you for your support during this journey, without you this wasn’t possible.
And of course, Daisy and the kids. You were there during the good and bad times. Nothing but LOVE for that ❤️. 
 Thank you for this chapter.

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